Application Form

You can lodge your application online simply by filling in the forms below.

The forms are in two parts, which are: (open the forms by clicking on their name)

    1. Requirements and Objectives Questionnaire.
    2. Application to Buy a Low Deposit Property.

Both forms must be filled in and submitted. After the forms are submitted, you will be sent an email that will allow you to apply a digital signature to the forms.

Please fill out the application form completely, accurately and honestly, as an incomplete or misleading application may result in delays or even in an unsuccessful application. The more information you can provide to substantiate income level the better your chances will be of being approved for your new home.

For your application to be fully approved Low Deposit Property will need to review a copy of your current credit report. To find out how to order a copy of your own credit report, see point #3 below. Whilst you are waiting for this report, and to ensure that the property you are applying for is not sold to anyone else, we suggest that you lodge your application immediately without the credit report and then forward your credit report as soon as you receive it.

Your application will be lodged once you hit the submit button at the end of the form.

Any questions or concerns, please phone Barry Osborne 0412 59 66 33 or e-mail

How to order your own credit report from

Once you have received your credit report, scan/email to Low Deposit Property as set out above.