39 Mary Street, Collie, Western Australia

Property detailsPrice $229,000 / 2 bedroom / 1 bathroom / 2 car garage / 692 m2 corner block

If You Can Afford To Make Payments of $320/week You Can Buy This Home…

At Low Deposit Property we can help you to buy a home if you are having difficulty getting a bank loan.  When you buy a home from us, you simply make payments to gradually pay for your home.

This is your opportunity to own your own home and stop the rental merry-go-round.

  • How does the finance work?… You simply make payments directly to the seller to gradually buy your house, so this means you get the finance directly from us as the seller, and because we can help you to buy a home on a very low deposit our interest rates are usually 1-2% higher than the main banks. The interest rate on this house is 6.49%p.a and the term of the loan is 30 years, which results in payments of $519 per week. You can check this calculation on any free online loan calculator. Our goal is to help you to eventually qualify for your own bank loan, and once you have built up enough equity in your home you can refinance to a bank loan as soon as you qualify for one.
  • How much deposit do I need? There is no fixed minimum deposit level, but you do have to do provide an upfront payment towards your house. This amount should be enough to show us that you are serious about buying your own home, and it will also be your initial equity in the home which will eventually help you to get an bank loan.
  • Are there any costs to me up front? There are no costs to you to go through the approval process and qualify for the house. Once you are approved and the house is yours, there is a one-off ‘administration and documentation’ fee of $1,650 for the solicitors to prepare your legal paperwork, and this is the only fee that is charged in the whole process.

In order to qualify, you need to be able to clearly show us that you can consistently afford the weekly payments on an ongoing basis. We specialise in helping people who can’t qualify through a traditional bank, so we will work closely with you to see if your personal circumstances mean that you can comfortably afford the payments.

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What is the catch?

There is no catch. This is a finance package just like a normal bank loan but now the loan has been supplied by the seller of the house. Our interest rate is higher than some banks, but you can get started on a MUCH lower deposit.

“We specialise in helping people to achieve home ownership with personalised solutions and easy qualifying principles. This way you are able to achieve home ownership now with significantly lower deposit and less restrictions than the traditional banking system requires, and once you have enough equity in the home you can then transition to a traditional bank loan if you so desire.”

Here is your home

The benefits for you are:

  1. You don’t have to save up for a large deposit which may take years and during that time you are still renting (wasted money).
  2. You can receive an approval within a very short period of time once you have given all the necessary information.
  3. You won’t have to pay expensive mortgage insurance.
  4. The interest rate is fixed for the first 5 years, so your payments won’t change.
  5. The term of the contract is 30 years, just like the term of a bank loan, so there is no pressure to refinance unless you want to when you can qualify to get a lower interest rate.
  6. You know the price of the property from the start and the more you improve the property and look after it, the greater your equity in your home.

And because we are helping you buy a home with a low deposit, you need to be aware that:

  1. You will pay a higher interest rate of approximately 1-2% above lowest bank interest rates.
  2. You will not have your name on the title because the house has to be in the name of the seller of the property. But you have the right to take a caveat over the property to protect the fact that you are buying the home on weekly installments.
  3. You do pay all the outgoings such as rates, insurance, repairs and maintenance because this is your home. No different to anyone else who owns a property. You are also protected by the fact that all payments you make are made to an “Independent Payment Management Company” (like a property manager when you rent a home) so that your payments go directly to paying off your home, just like loan payments on a bank loan – and you get a statement every 6 months.

“We knew we could afford payments on a house of $698/week and rang Darren. 6 weeks later we are now living in our own home with our children”  Joanne Martin, Ormeau, QLD

“We have a young family and desperately wanted to have the security of owning our own home, rather than moving continually from rental to rental. Darren could see that we were committed to buying a home and that we could afford the weekly payments of $530.38 per week.” Amanda and Brett, Brisbane

“Within 2 weeks of contacting Darren we were approved for a 4 bedroom, 2 bathroom home.” Stacy, Ormeau, Qld

Don’t miss your opportunity, there can only be one buyer for this house.

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